I know don't know anything about forklifts, except that need one! Where do I start?

The first point of consideration is: what do you want the forklift to do? What is the heaviest weight you will be lifting? How high do you want to lift? Where will the forklift be used? (What type of surface will it run on?) How much will you use it every day? What type of fuel do you want? (gas, L.P. gas, diesel, or electric battery powered.) What is your budget and how much do you want to spend?

These are the questions that need to be answered when you are considering buying a forklift. Call and let us help you with your needs!


What type of motor is the best- internal combustion (gas, lp, diesel) or electric?

It depends on your application. Each power source has its advantages and disadvantages. Internal combustion engines have more variable power, generate more torque, and are much more mobile in that refueling can be done anywhere. They do, however, require more maintenance and emit noticeable emissions. Electric forklifts are fume free, have less moving parts, which means less overall maintenance, quiet and clean, and easy to use. Their drawback is an eight hour recharge time when it runs out of power and the forklift needs to be returned to a charger every time.

How and where you use a forklift will be a big determinate in what will be best for you. We can provide the solution if you ask us!


Can you put pneumatic tires on a solid tire forklift?

No, this is physically impossible due to the frame differences between a solid tire forklift and a forklift with pneumatic tires.

Some manufacturers made a model that would take either tire, but they are still a bit of a compromise between a solid and a pneumatic.


Do you have leasing available?

Yes, we have leasing available for purchases large or small. There are lease terms from twelve to sixty months with payments affordable to your budget. We usually have an approval within twenty four to thirty six hours.

Call us and we will provide all the information you need! It is easy!


Do you sell new forklifts?

We do not represent any manufacturers for new forklifts.


Do you check out the forklifts you offer for sale?

Yes, we check every forklift to make certain how it will operate and repair what is not working, or determine the repairs needed and advise you of its condition.

We want to be certain you get a good value!